What Does Underlying Meaning Mean?

Is it underlying or underlining?

Explanation: Underlying refers to something that lies beneath — the beliefs that underlie an argument, a motive that underlies an action, an issue that underlies a problem.

Underlining is something you do to make something stand out..

What is the opposite of underlying?

underlying(adj) located beneath or below. Antonyms: explicit, expressed, incident, superjacent, incidental.

How do you define death What are its causes?

The cause of death is the specific injury or disease that leads to death. The manner of death is the determination of how the injury or disease leads to death. There are five manners of death (natural, accident, suicide, homicide, and undetermined).

Which word has negative connotations?

“Cheap,” “frugal” and “miserly” all have the negative connotation of being stingy. “Economical” has a neutral to positive connotation. “Immature” is most negative, while “juvenile” is slightly negative to neutral.

What is an underlying rock?

2 adj You describe something as underlying when it is below the surface of something else. … hills with the hard underlying rock poking through the turf…

How do you use underlying?

Underlying in a Sentence 🔉The underlying cause for most lung cancer is smoking. … Although it is not the only underlying problem, a rise in joblessness has brought on more crime. … Strokes can be triggered by underlying diseases such as diabetes.More items…

What does underlying cause mean?

The underlying cause of death refers to the disease or injury that initiated the train of morbid events leading directly to death or the circumstances of the accident or violence that produced the injury. The underlying cause of death is the one to be adopted as the cause for tabulation of mortality statistics.

How do you use underlying in a sentence?

(1) The underlying theme of the novel is very serious. (2) The bald statistics tell us nothing about the underlying trends. (3) To stop a problem you have to understand its underlying causes. (4) Despite this month’s disappointing figures, the underlying trend is healthy.

What is another word for underlying?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for underlying, like: latent, ultimate, cardinal, substantive, fundamental, basic, subjacent, substratal, substrative, underneath and vital.

What does underlining mean?

Meaning of underlining in English to draw a line under a word, especially in order to show its importance: … The teacher underlined the importance of attention to detail. Choose between the two forms of the verb and underline the correct answer.

What does underlying mean in finance?

What Does Underlying Mean? Underlying, when referred to in reference to equity trading, is the common stock that must be delivered when a warrant is exercised, or when a convertible bond or convertible preferred share is converted to common stock.

What is the difference between underlying cause and root cause?

Although the immediate cause is “the most obvious reason why an adverse event happens, e.g. the guard is missing” and the root cause is the “initiating event or failing from which all other causes or failings spring”, the underlying cause sits somewhere between.

What is the name of _?

The underscore character, _, originally appeared on the typewriter and was primarily used to underscore (or underline) words.

What is an underlying theme?

Definition (n.) a theme in addition to the main theme; a hidden theme. Examples The movie seemed to be about candy, but the underlying theme was about drug abuse.

What is meant by underlying issues?

1 adj The underlying features of an object, event, or situation are not obvious, and it may be difficult to discover or reveal them. To stop a problem you have to understand its underlying causes…, I think that the underlying problem is education, unemployment and bad housing.

What is underlying cause of accident?

Underlying cause: the less obvious ‘system’ or ‘organisational’ reason for an adverse event happening, eg pre-start-up machinery checks are not carried out by supervisors; the hazard has not been adequately considered via a suitable and sufficient risk assessment; production pressures are too great etc.

What is the best definition of the underline word as it is used in the sentence?

What is the best definition of the underlined word as it is used in the sentence? an expression of disapproval or condemnation. Read the excerpt from Samuel Johnson’s preface to A Dictionary of the English Language.

What does underlying mean in options?

An underlying option security is a stock, index, bond, currency, or commodity on which an option’s value is based. It is the primary component of how the option gets its value. … They derive their value from the performance or price action of an underlying security.