Question: What Does Lara Stand For?

Is Lara a Hindu name?

Lara is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi.

Lara name meanings is Laurel, Bright, Famous, Protection, Graceful.

Lara is written in Hindi as लारा..

What does MSU stand for in hospital?

Medical Service UnitMSU – Medical Service Unit | AcronymFinder.

Is Lara an Irish name?

Lara – One of the top 100 most popular names Irish girl names in Ireland in the year 2002. Either taken from the Icelandic name Lára, which is a form of Laura, or Lara (no accent), the Russian form of the name Larissa. … This Irish baby girl name is becoming very popular again in Ireland.

What does Farr stand for?

FARRAcronymDefinitionFARRFixed Asset Restatement Reserve (financing)FARRFriedreich Ataxia with Retained ReflexesFARRForward Area Alerting Radar ReceiverFARRFocused Area Risk Reduction (Air Force)3 more rows

What is the MOTM award?

In football, the “man of the match” award typically goes to a player on the winning side. Players who score a hat-trick, or goalkeepers who keep a clean sheet under pressure often get the award. … The man of the match is often chosen by a television commentator or a sponsor.

What does MSU stand for in texting?

Make Something Up showing onlyMaking Stuff Up. MSU. Make Something Up. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 78 definitions)

What is MSU known for?

Academic Life at Michigan State The most popular majors at Michigan State University include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Engineering; and Social Sciences.

What does MTM mean in texting?

Much Too MuchMTM — Much Too Much.

What does Lara mean?

Meaning of the name Lara Derived from the name Latin name Laura , meaning ‘laurel leaf’ or Clare meaning ‘bright’and ‘famous’. In Roman mythology Lara was the name of a beautiful nymph, while it’s also the name of a famous games character…

Is the name Lara in the Bible?

Lara is a christian girl name and it is an English originated name with multiple meanings. Lara name meaning is laurel and the associated lucky number is 5. The least number of children given the name Lara was less than 5, most recently in 1905. …

What does M mean in medical terms?

Abbreviation for meter. Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012.

Where does name Lara come from?

The name Lara is a girl’s name of Russian origin meaning “citadel”.

Is Lara short for anything?

Lara is a Russian name and is a short form of the names Laura and Larissa.

What is domestic man of the match?

MOTM means “Man of the Match”. … The MOTM cards were created in FUT 12 to reward the best players of matches not covered by the TOTW cards. It is the case of the UEFA club competitions final stages, domestic cups finals and International National Teams finals.

What does Motm stand for?

MOTMAcronymDefinitionMOTMMember of the MonthMOTMMan of the MatchMOTMMan on the Moon (movie)MOTMMazda of the Month18 more rows