How Do I Start Order Of The Cloud Serpent?

How do you get reputation with Order of the Cloud Serpent?

To begin, head to the Arboretum and speak to Elder Anli the Serpent Master, who will send you to Windward Isle to the northwest.

Upon finishing the opening chain, you’ll be roughly honored with the Order of the Cloud Serpent, and you’ll have picked a cloud serpent of your very own to raise..

How do you get reins of the Onyx cloud serpent?

Reins of the Onyx Cloud Serpent is a reward from the quest Surprise Attack!. The quest is available on becoming Exalted with Shado-Pan. Before you can learn this mount you must be Exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent have [Cloud Serpent Riding] from the Order of the Cloud Serpent.

Where is the Order of the Cloud Serpent?

the Jade ForestThe Order of the Cloud Serpent is an order of serpent riders sworn to defend the Jade Forest. They train at the Arboretum, just to the north of the Temple of the Jade Serpent in the Jade Forest.

Which Serpent Egg should I choose?

The blue egg will hatch into an Azure Cloud Serpent, the yellow into a Gold Cloud Serpent, and the green into a Jade Cloud Serpent. Other than their colors, the serpents are all the same model-wise and speed-wise—choose whichever color you prefer the most!

How long does it take to get exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent?

1-2 hoursOrder of the Cloud Serpent Exalted Egg Guide It´s possible to get exalted within 1-2 hours, it depends on how many players are farming them and the respawn of the eggs.

How do I get exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent?

Order of the Cloud Serpent: Earn Exalted status with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. In a Trail of Smoke: Finish the Sky Race with 10 stacks of the Fleet Winds buff. This achievement can be completed during The Sky Race. You can get 10 stacks of Fleet Winds by flying through the cloud rings on the course.

How do you get a golden cloud serpent?

Like the other mounts, this will be obtainable from Order of the Cloud Serpent after about 20 days of dailies. Chances are this will utilize the yellowy-orange skin of the Cloud Serpents with white hair/back spines.

Does Sha of Anger drop a mount?

This mount drops from Sha of Anger (Mists of Pandaria world boss, located in Kun Lai Summit). It is a guaranteed drop (currently).

Can you tame cloud serpents?

Cloud Serpents are a new breed of Hunter pet being added in Shadowlands and patch 9.0. Even though they are very unique, they are just a part of the regular Serpent family, which means all three Hunter specializations can tame and use them.

Can you tame Yu Lon?

To tame Yu’lon you need the item How to School Your Serpent. To buy and use How to School Your Serpent you need Exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent.

How do you train your cloud serpent?

Cloud Serpents Can Be Tamed in Shadowlands – Purchase Book with Order of Cloud Serpent Exalted. Hunters can tame Cloud Serpents in Shadowlands through purchasing a tome at Exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent: How to School Your Serpent.

How do you get the Jade Cloud Serpent Mount?

You must be level 85 and have Artisan Riding to learn this mount after purchasing it at Exalted with the guild. Your characters do need to be level 90 and Exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent to ride it.

Where do I get the Thundering Jade cloud serpent?

Awarded from the guild achievement, Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider, which requires you to kill Will of the Emperor, Empress Shek’zeer, and the Sha of Fear on heroic while in a guild group. This mount will be available for purchase on the guild vendor after completing the achievement.

How school your serpent account wide?

You can LEARN the book on any class and the ABILITY will be account-wide. You have to be exalted to both buy and learn it. The text on the book is very misleading. If you buy the book, say, on your exalted mage just learn it on your mage.