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Documents should be handled with high security, without fraud, automatically, effortless faster without paper, no more pen, more easily with compliance... Uesigns


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Uesigns works seamlessly with various systems and saves you precious time on repetitive tasks. You can now import all agreements with a single click..


You can sign utilizing any national e-ID system (BankID, NemID etc.). You can also draw your own signature with your finger or your computer mouse the same way as when you sign off a delivery. No matter if you are the in office or on the golf course. Only thing it takes is a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone and an internet connection.


A digital signature is as legally binding as a signature placed with ink on paper. Uesigns is based on European (eIDAS) and American (ESIGN) standards. This means that a digital signature from Uesigns is valid all over the world. By the way, when your documents are handled digitally it is much easier to be compliant with the new GDPR regulations from EU..


Decide who sign and when and Enjoy the automatization.


Get back your signed documents in no time.

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Signing deals with pen and paper is both cumbersome and old fashioned. With Uesigns you can handle the entire signature flow digitally. Fast, easy and secure. It takes only a few moments to get started and it costs less than you would think.

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Uesigns secures and optimizes workflows for business critical document signature. Discover why Uesigns helps businesses to secure and to handle workflows while excelling at compliance and saving money.

Simplify your signing process. With one solution. It covers it all.

With Uesigns, signing is 100% digital. Long story short, you can get your documents signed without using paper. It's better for the environment, faster, easier and on top of it, much more secure and compliant..


A great solution should be easily integrated with other softwares. Strong integrations allow to automate business processes and avoid the risk of human error.

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Uesigns wants to bring high security in your signing documents processes. Today, there are much more secure ways to sign official documents and Uesigns solution deal with all the latest security technologies such as national ID systems. On top of being easier and faster, you gain in certainty about who is signing what and when.

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Legality and compliance Uesigns is compliant with all the legal rules of many countries. It is important to make sure everything is compelling with the laws and national legislations as well as GDPR. In the early 2000, electronic and digital signatures got democratized and today it makes more sense than ever to include such solutions in your daily workflow.

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Gain a managerial overview and follow the progress of sent out documents easily. Enter your personal archive and get a full traceability of documents being sent, opened, activated, completed or signed.

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